Sustainability Policy

The firm’s commitment to reducing our global footprint is a combination of in-house efforts, working with our landlord, and commitment and action by individual principals of the firm to make a difference. Prior to recent requests from clients, the firm had taken significant actions and has developed a policy for decreasing our use of vital natural resources and contributing to a sustainable environment.

Reduction of one of our largest impacts-paper use:
  1. Reduction of paper use, recycling--Instead of storing paper for long periods, we have begun a program of recycling older files by scanning to more compact storage to reduce our space footprint, and avoid the necessity of harvesting wood for paper by recycling what otherwise would be a waste stream back into the economy.
  2. Reduction of paper use, double sided printing--We have reprogrammed our information technology systems to enable double sided printing to reduce our paper footprint.
  3. Elimination of paper use--Where possible, we are trying to maintain more of our dockets on line
Principals’ and employees’ personal dedication to sustainable technologies and low impact
  1. Principals’ personal dedication to low carbon footprint technology, grid tied solar--We encourage our principals to adopt personally more ecologically responsible behavior. One of our principals has installed a grid-tied solar electric system in their home. That principal counsels clients on the advantages of ecological benefits and volunteers advice to clients, community organizations and neighbors. A copy of an article written by the principal and published on-line about the home solar system is available on request.
  2. World sustainability efforts-One of our principals is designing a solar- powered sustainable water purification system for charitable purposes for third world countries for the poorest of the poor.
  3. A principal has been a donor to a sustainable technology house entered in the National Solar Decathlon held on the National Mall
  4. We encourage and assist principals in home energy saving technologies such as solar systems, automatic light timers and controls and light bulb changeovers.
  5. All principals participate in community recycling programs and the firm maintains in-office separate-stream paper and metal recycling.
  6. We give employees the alternative of a subsidy for parking or a mass-transit pass.
  7. We encourage employee car-pools when possible, and encourage use of mass transit to save on parking lot footprint and fuel.
  8. Through a discount available from one of our automobile company clients, we encourage staff to purchase more fuel efficient cars.
External law firm infrastructure changes
  1. Rather than the necessity of new energy-intensive construction, we rent space in an older building which is slowly being rehabilitated into a green presentation. Our landlord has installed water flow constrictors, localized hot water heaters to reduce pipe runs to sinks, automatic light controls in restrooms, and automatic towel dispensers.
  2. In the office we have switched local office lamps to CFL technologies.
  3. We recycle electronic equipment by bringing obsolete electronics to a local recycling center.
  4. We recycle all toner cartridges with the maker.
We remain dedicated to doing our part to constantly improve our internal green practices. We and our clients also benefit from cost-savings from the use of sustainable practices.